Zbyszek Tenerowicz


Zbyszek Tenerowicz

Honest JavaScript and Node.js training

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What's it all about?

I started learning JavaScript before jQuery1.3 released and I started Node.js at v0.8 so I'm not gonna pretend I can empathize well enough to teach beginners. I focus on more advanced topics and go deep.

Each of my trainings is custom made for the group I'm teaching. Before the training can happen I meet them for 15-20 minutes to get the feel of what they need and avoid making them sit through the first 2 hours of listening to what they already know.

I just enjoy sharing knowledge. I don't have a marketing team to feed, I don't have quality graphics. I improvise often. You get just the juiciest bits, not a sunk-cost-fallacy driven pre-packaged slide deck I have to sell tens of times for good ROI.

I don't teach frameworks usage of front-end architectures. There's companies doing that much better than I ever would.


👨‍⚕️ JavaScript Browser/Node.js diagnostics - performance, memory, memory leaks, event loop

🎰 Asynchronicity - from your first promise chain to error handling gotchas and control flow, to stream transforms and async_hooks

🔒 Security for JavaScript developers - web security, supply chain security, Content Security Policy (in an existing app)